We now have an Eco Toilet

This week the team were onsite to receive delivery of our brand new unisex Eco-loo.

A huge thank you to Warwickshire County Council for their kind donation, this means we are now able to take bookings for longer than 2 hours and can further support the community by providing environmentally friendly facilities onsite. This is a small but significant step in the right direction to achieving our long term dream.

Our cosy and private eco-loo is a step up from the tent with a porter potty we had last year.  In future we hope to continue our fund raising to develop a toilet and shower wash block. This will enable us to triple our site usage and make it possible for our visitors to participate in water based activities on the canal. Until then, here we are, testing it out our new Eco-loo…

For more information on Eco-loos please visit their site at www.eco-loos.com.