We made it!

All of our years of planning, effort and fundraising have been budding toward one crucial question. Will the charitable organisations and members of the public back us?

We are delighted that the answer is a great big YES

We have reached our target to deliver The Big Build, a crucial step in our mission to make our dreams for Ruby’s Yard a reality.
space hive funding
Thanks to support from 157 different backers, we reached our £11,500 target on Spacehive.

This will be combined with £50,000 from the EU funded LEADER organisation who seek to get money working for great causes with enough local support.

This achievement unlocked potential for us to raise further funds toward the project. We are seeking a total of £120k to full realise Ruby’s Yard. However with what we have so far, we can make a fantastic start. We are fully committed to taking the project all the way but will need the support of local people and community groups more than ever as we take this money and make something happen.

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