LEADER award £50k for our BIG build

Funding for Rubys Yard from LEADER

We have an exciting update on our plans to convert this old boatyard next to the Coventry canal into a green space for use by young people, families and businesses!

We have just been awarded an EU funded grant of £50K to build a large wooden cabin which means the site can be used whatever the weather . We have also raised another £11500 in pledges through our SpaceHive campaign towards the total costs – so we are really close to making this idea a reality .

We are so grateful to LEADER and to everyone who pledged through Spacehive to help us reach our target. In the picture we see Emma McKay who manages LEADER program in this area from the engagement & funding office – North Warwickshire Borough Council.

EU funding

EU Funding is helping our project get off the ground

If anyone would like to pledge some funds towards this project, we are delighted to report that we hit our SpaceHive target and are now gathering funds directly to help equip the new buildings and run the site. Your donation will help us

We are now aiming to have this building up and open by end of May 2019 so if you are interested in booking the site next summer please check out our booking page