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We now have an Eco Toilet

This week the team were onsite to receive delivery of our brand new unisex Eco-loo. A huge thank you to Warwickshire County Council for their kind donation, this means we are now able to take bookings for longer than 2 hours and can further support the community by providing environmentally friendly facilities onsite. This is a…

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We made it!

All of our years of planning, effort and fundraising have been budding toward one crucial question. Will the charitable organisations and members of the public back us? We are delighted that the answer is a great big YES We have reached our target to deliver The Big Build, a crucial step in our mission to…

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LEADER award £50k for our BIG build

Funding for Rubys Yard from LEADER

We have an exciting update on our plans to convert this old boatyard next to the Coventry canal into a green space for use by young people, families and businesses! We have just been awarded an EU funded grant of £50K to build a large wooden cabin which means the site can be used whatever…

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Atherstone needs you!

We’re working hard to raise awareness of our campaign, part of this has been to reach out on social media. We’ve been contacting people we know and getting plenty of encouragement but we need all of Atherstone to hear about what’s going on. One way we thought to do this was with a snappy little…

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Consultation meeting

consultation meeting

In the summer the team held a consultation meeting for local residents to come and ask questions about the plans for Ruby’s Yard. We made sure we had our plans printed off and materials ready to help explain the project as clearly as possible the hot drinks and biscuits were also a vital ingredient to…

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