We all need a little support getting started…

Support us in our mission to develop Ruby’s Yard – a former boatyard which has been converted into a green space next to the Coventry Canal, Atherstone – into a centre where children, young people and families can enjoy and learn about the natural world.

Our Big Build project aims to provide a warm and dry indoor facility which can be used by schools, voluntary organisations and local businesses for outdoor recreation, education, workshops water based sports and camping.

Without an indoor facility of this kind, this fantastic and unique site can only support occasional outdoor events and organisations that want to use it, have to pay for temporary structures like marquees and porta-loos. Our ambitions go much further, we want Ruby’s Yard to offer opportunities for a wide range of people to enjoy all kinds of activities all year round.

What we’ll deliver:

  • Large New Eco Classroom
  • Canal-side community space for local groups to enjoy the natural world

Why it’s a great idea:

There is now lots of evidence that spending time in nature can bring huge benefit to both of physical and mental health. This unique canal side space will create an important asset for people to take a step away from the busyness of modern life, reconnect with the natural world & the history of our canals. It will create an important space to learn new skills, build confidence self esteem whilst understanding the importance of working harmoniously with others. The installation of this eco classroom is the next big step to create a safe, accessible, inclusive and sustainable community facility which serves local young people, and promotes social interaction and learning. We need this facility in place so we can open the doors to group bookings, encourage shared use and increase opportunities for healthy outdoor recreation by schools, young people with special needs and other youth organisations serving in Atherstone and its surrounding neighbourhoods.

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Thank you for your support and kindness